Thinking out loud:

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Have you ever wanted to understand the world more? Understand why people believe what they believe. Why they don’t look at the world differently? Am I the only one who is interested in this? As I’m learning people better I’m getting a sense that the words of wisdom that they have heard from older people are taking shape in their lives. But what about this new generation? I’m telling you I feel like they are so lost. Is it because parents are not interested in raising kids anymore? Is it because of social media/ cell phones? Have you ever tried having a conversation with these young people? They would rather text or send you emojis. What happened to the good old grandma talks? Why do people care about climate change more than others? Why do the rich not want the poor to succeed? So many questions but not enough answers. I have noticed that people like to debate more than having a conversation about understanding each other. I may not like who you voted for but I will hear you out on why you did and not make you feel bad about it. I want to know so much. Is it wrong? I just like to understand other people’s views and thoughts. Just thinking out loud I guess.

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  1. Girl Colleen, I have thought about this very thing for over a decade now. No one wants to sit down and talk. All too often, the thought process is that such conversations are antiquated and things have changed, because people don’t sit down, talk rationally or listen to sound and wise counsel like we used to.

    It saddens me to see and experience this, but this is what society has produced and so many have fallen into that trap. They think they know everything and have all the answers, so sitting down and having a deep conversation or any type of humane and meaningful conversation at all is too old-fashioned. 😥

    I miss my talks with my mother, father, grandparents, aunts and uncles, whose voices I can no longer hear, but whose advice, jokes and wisdom I will forever hold dear in my heart. 🥰💖😊

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    1. You are right. What’s so hard about talking and listening to the other person? My Granny always says how do you know a person if you never take the time to talk to them and see what they are about.

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  2. There’s a whole lot to seek and know, I’ve had such thoughts but I’ve grown to find beauty in the mystery of what can’t always be explained or understood. I think it’s good be be curious but the idea of seeking so much wisdom on almost everything could leave one slightly confused and somewhat overwhelmed.

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  3. I think the negative traits we see in people is a sign that we’re living in the last days. 2 Timothy 3:1-5 mentions people will have “no natural affection”, “not open to any agreement” and “without love of goodness”. We definitely see this today and it’s getting worse and worse.

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