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So I have a question. For those who have taken the COVID vaccine did you have any reactions? I’m wanting to get the vaccine but I’m scared, to be honest. I have some health issues and I have talked to my doctors about it and they say that the benefits outweigh the risk. But I have been noticing that the news isn’t telling the whole story regarding the vaccine also. I know some people who have taken it and different things have to happen to them. It’s rare the doctors said but still, I feel like people should know all the facts.

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  1. Colleen, I had the Moderna vaccine, both doses. Just a little soreness in my arm, but the next day I was good. I just worked the soreness out while doing my yardwork. LOL 🤣 I did some research before getting it and I too have some pre-existing conditions. But overall, I had no problems. I suppose it depends on your immune system. Some of my family members got the Pfizer and some Moderna. No problems with either.

    Hope that helps! 😊

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  2. My Mum and father-in-law both had the AstraZeneca vaccine (both doses) and had no side effects at all, but my brother was in a store a few weeks ago and he had to give first aid to a guy who fainted after receiving the Pfizer vaccine!
    Personally, I’m in a battle with my doctor at the moment. I’ve refused anything that is not AstraZeneca and that has nothing to do with politics. For me, it’s simply old technology, it’s known technology, it’s fairly reliable technology. I’d rather run the tiny risk of developing blood clots than be injected with something that has never been done before, at least not before the coronavirus vaccine anyway. Having worked in the medical industry before, I do know that past vaccines have had serious side effects too, it’s just that fortunately, most people don’t get them. In the UK, those of us under 40 are being told that we can’t choose what vaccine we get, we have to accept the one we’re offered. You can’t blame some young people for not wanting to take a chance on something that is new and unfamiliar, especially not when they or someone close to them has had to deal with a medical emergency as a result of the new vaccine technology. I’d have thought that any vaccine is better than no vaccine at all, but apparently not.
    Do the benefits outweigh the risks? Quite possibly, yes, but nothing is a 100% guarantee. Remember, there’s good money to be made in vaccinating populations, that’s all I need to say. Ultimately, the choice has to be yours and nobody lawfully can force you to have a vaccine, but you have to understand the risks and consequences if you don’t. Good luck, whatever you decide 😉

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    1. Thank you so much for this. It’s a lot to think about. I have a friend who mom took the vaccine I can’t remember which and she was paralyzed on one side. I know someone else who can’t use the arm that they got the shot in. It’s a lot to think about for sure

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      1. I’m so sorry to hear about these experiences. I hope your mother’s symptoms are only temporary and she makes a full recovery, is she or has she received any support for these symptoms? My brother has already flatly refused the vaccine and I am vaccine hesitant. I might consider it more if I was a party animal or planning trips abroad, but as it is I’m neither. I’ve tried to keep my distance from other people even before a vaccine was developed and I have always worn a mask in indoor spaces, but so often I’ve found that it’s other people who don’t understand how social distancing works and they treat that space like their free way to jump ahead of me in the stores. In fact, I even had a shop assistant thank me for observing social distancing because, in his own words, “most people just push into me”. It helps to understand something called the “Swiss Cheese Model”, and I plan to write about my vaccine hesitancy soon. Just briefly, if you imagine each defence against the virus being like a slice of Swiss cheese, then each slice has some holes (risks) in it, no slice is whole and perfect. Of course, the more slices you have, the better your protection, but a lot of people are having one slice (vaccines) to get rid of other slices (face coverings, travel restrictions). Personally, I quite like my face masks and will probably continue to wear them for the long-term. I have a variety of designs and colours to suit my mood and I love being able to sing along to the in-store radio without anyone noticing. What I’m trying to say is that it should be up to the individual what ‘slices’ they want to use. All slices have holes, it’s up to us which ones we’re prepared to live with.

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      2. It’s a friend of mines mom. And she is receiving help. Im still on the fence but probably will get it because I travel but not overseas. I still plan on wearing my mask for a long while.

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      3. Oh I see! My apologies. I don’t even travel at the moment if I can avoid it, I get terrible travel sickness and I think it’s been made worse by not being allowed to go anywhere. I agree, masks have become like picking up my jacket and keys now!

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