Working on my goals:

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I wrote out some goals that I would like to accomplish this year, but none of them have been met. I wanted the rough draft of my book to be finished next month, but I’m not even halfway done. Life has taken the joy out of writing or maybe I have allowed life to take the joy out of it. But as I work on self-love and self-care I need to get back to doing what brought me joy and that is writing my book. We all have a story to tell and everyone’s story is so important. I’m going to take the time to take care of me and love me the right way. I’m going to get back to the things that brought me so much joy. I’m going to complete my rough draft of my book this year.

8 thoughts on “Working on my goals:

  1. I’m sending positive vibes and wishing you the best of luck on your goal! Half of a draft is miles ahead of where most people are so don’t be too hard on yourself. Progress is progress, no matter how small. Just plug away at it when you can. You got this!

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  2. Get back on the horse, beloved. We NEED your words. I look for them daily. Your joy is still there. Just waiting on you to catch a few breaths. Don’t beat yourself up for needing this time to regather yourself. Only one as tough as you could have the courage to own and face your seeming failure. Not a failure to finish. Not a loss of joy or hope. Just a stop on the path. Enjoy the scenery a bit longer than gather your backpack and get back after it. You are EXACTLY where God and Life knew you would be. Tell doubt and all liars that you can’t and won’t to go head and kick some rocks! πŸ˜ŽπŸ’ƒ

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  3. All the best with that, try not to get too discouraged when you don’t meet a goal. Sometimes there’s a reason for it. And like you say life happens. At least you think about them. So you can always get back in that zone and keep pushing

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