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We are supposed to get storms today through Friday. And as I look at my life I have had some storms that I thought would never end. Some storms come to disrupt your life and some storms are to clear the junk that you have in your life. But I see a storm as a lesson and a way to look at my life and what I can be missing. No matter how much you feel like you are doing your best something or someone will try to disrupt your life. Like it states in the bible in everything there is a season. And I feel like this season that I’m in is to realize that sometimes you have to look at things and people differently. Not everyone is good for you and not everyone can be trusted. No matter what the storm in your life looks like just know that you will make it through. I didn’t always feel like it but the more that you go through it the more you realize that you can make it. Just know that storms don’t last always.

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