Just wondering:

I love blogging because it helps me get my thoughts out there. But I’m wondering who actually gets paid on there blog? Just curious how that works.

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7 thoughts on “Just wondering:

  1. I’m part of Amazon’s affiliate program so I earn a small commission if people click through on one of my affiliate links to Amazon and ends up buying something. It’s something I mostly do with books that I review, because that’s what seems to make sense for my blog, and I can see that working well for your blog too. I don’t make a lot of money that way, but it’s something and doesn’t require much effort.

    In the past, I ran ads on my site through Google AdSense, but the amount I made was tiny, and it didn’t seem worth it to bug my readers with ads when I made so little.

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  2. I too am curious about this, because other than the typical ads and affiliates, I was wondering if there were people who were able to cash in on just their content, such as Mark Manson or Hyperbole And A Half.

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