So now what?:

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So now what? So Derek Chauvin is guilty on all three counts so now what? I know that the family of George Floyd is happy with the verdict, but what now? Do I feel like the killings will stop? No, I don’t. Do I still worry about my family? Yes, I do. No one can truly understand how you have to pray for your family every time they leave the house. I don’t think anyone should have to die at the hands of the police or anyone else. But right now where do we go from here as a country? Is this just the beginning or is this just a one-time thing? Will I still have to fear leaving my home? At some point, we need to stop seeing skin color as a threat. As much as I wanted to see a guilty verdict I want to be seen as human. My heart is overwhelmed with so many unnecessary killings. How many times will we have to grieve? How many times do we need to defend our skin color? When will we start being treated like we are human and matter?

4 thoughts on “So now what?:

  1. I really hope that seeing a jury convict a white cop for killing a Black man in such a high-profile case will send a message to police officers that there will be consequences and no more turning a blind eye.

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