Trying to understand:

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Why is it that when things are going good, they are really good. But when things are going bad they become really bad. Sometimes I want weeks upon weeks of nothing but good, but it’s always possible. Especially when you are dealing with other people. I love my daughter dearly but these past few days have me wondering where is the disconnect. I’m so tired of these newfound friends and all the drama that entails. Last night was pretty much the last straw for me. I don’t understand a person who doesn’t consider other people. Each child you have to deal with something different, but I’m trying to understand where the disconnect happens. Communication seems to be very lack and all the problems add up. As much as I want my children to understand the advice and wisdom that I give them, I also understand that they will listen to who they want to listen to. But Lord help me with this child because somewhere something has to give. I pray daily for her but at some point, I have to let her make mistakes and learn lessons that I wish she didn’t have to learn. As a mom, you want the best for your kids but sometimes you have to let life happen to them. Maybe this is a phase that will come and go I’m not sure, but I am concerned.

6 thoughts on “Trying to understand:

  1. You sound just like my sis. Her daughter drives her up ten walls at times. I try to be tt and be in the middle. Mom and daughter dynamic is tough at times. Mom drove me cra cra at times. Still she was my whole world. Your daughter feels the same. She is just trying to make her way. You just want to make her way smooth. Sometimes you just have to let her find out that fat meat really is greasy! She will ALWAYS remember your love for her. Won’t appreciate your lessons til…no telling. Just remember you are her world. She will get advice from others but will ALWAYS run to mom.

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      1. Hang in there. My sis was the same way. Just KNOW that NO ONE can ever take the place of mom. I try and tell sis even though niece talks to me she runs for mom when real things come down. You are her world. She doesn’t want to disappoint you. She wants you proud of her but does not know how to let you know. You are your daughter’s hero. Just love her. Even when she appears angry she longs for your love. Will keep you both up in prayer. Be encouraged.

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