Nothing like a good journal:

I don’t know about you but I love a good journal. I want a journal that speaks to me. I love writing my thoughts, prayers, and ideas in a good journal. I know that some people feel like a journal is just a journal but for me, it’s not. I need to be motivated by this journal and what I can write in it. So are you picky about your journals? Do you love to journal?

10 thoughts on “Nothing like a good journal:

  1. I love my journal l have several one for overseas trips one for camping and an every day journal. I like the paper to be a certain weight so the things l use don’t bleed through but lm not super fussy.

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      1. Oh no! I have a camping journal keeps track of our camping trips, then if we do a specific trip like in Feb/March we did 40 nights in Tasmania lt had its own journal, l have an every day journal and l have a Bible study journal where l keep my Bible notes in. When l only had two Grandchildren arriving l started each of them a journal but when they were born two weeks apart life got super busy lol so that’s fallen away a bit.

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