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Spring forward. Well, I’m glad to have more sunlight in the evenings now. The time change has got me thinking, when do things change in our lives? I know that I have made some changes that I feel have benefited me, but why does it take so long to make the necessary changes? Season’s change and time change but do we change? Change is hard to come by. But I noticed that the more that I change the better my life gets. But why does it take so long? I’m stubborn and I don’t want to change all the time. Sometimes I feel like I don’t need to change and other people should. But when I think about it the more I change the more people around me either change or show their true colors. Change is necessary for growth. But just like the seasons and time we need to change as well.

2 thoughts on “Changes:

  1. You’ve posed some really good questions and the funny thing is, it totally reflects on my day. Hmmm…serendipity? Hubby and I were talking about change and how much we talk about “doing” but the actions take…forever. It’s not that we don’t change… but we discuss it waaaaaay too much. And now here’s your post …I’ll have to show it to him.
    If this pandemic has taught anything its the uncertainty of tomorrow and the need to really live life. Thanks for the reminder. xo

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