Let’s see how this goes:

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So Texas has been open for a couple of days now. And at first, I was a little scared to see what would happen. But when I went to the store people were still wearing their masks. I have seen on the news that people were going out to eat and still were wearing their masks. Some are happy that they no longer need to wear one. But Texas is at the bottom of the list when it comes to getting people vaccinated. And it was way too early to open this state up. I just pray that we don’t have a setback anytime soon. My fear is other people coming to this state and things go to hell. But that won’t be my problem, right? Well, let’s see how this will continue to go.

7 thoughts on “Let’s see how this goes:

  1. Well Colleen, you and your family continue to practice safety precautions anyway. For some reason people think that this vaccine is a cure, not a helpmate that in the event you get the virus you may not deal with the severity of it as we saw last year. I think most of us share your concern. Sadly, some people never learn. Just look at those spring breakers in Florida. I think rushing to try to “normalize” things when they will never be normal as they once were can have some type of repercussion down the line. 😦 Continue to use YOUR good sense! SMH :-/ Stay safe@ 🙂

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