I see you:

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As a woman, I have noticed that we don’t support each other enough. We don’t encourage or congratulate each other enough. Women get a hard rap. We are wives, sisters, mothers, aunts, daughters, and friends. We wear so many different hats it’s crazy. But I have noticed that women compete with each other? Why sis are you competing with another woman? There is room for all of us. How about we uplift and support one another. Fix each other’s crown. We as women deal with enough to be in competition with someone else. We have so many jobs and we get tired but we keep ongoing. I don’t think men realize how much we do and how much we give. We not only work outside of the home but in the home as well. We don’t get a break and we don’t ask for help. Ladies take some time out for yourself and if you see another woman struggling help her. If you see someone who looks sad encourage her. We as women need a support system we need a sisterhood. Women you are powerful, creative, and much needed in this world.

6 thoughts on “I see you:

  1. Very true
    Thank you for pointing this out, and please keep up your good work to help us all help each other to keep learning, growing, and building empathy and (hopefully) a safer and kinder world for all of us!


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  2. So true! I feel the same way and make it my business to applaud, encourage and celebrate other women! So for having the boldness to write this, you rock!! Keep letting your light shine brightly! I promise, someone sees!

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  3. Hi! So glad I found your blog. I’m a new blogger also living in TX. I totally agree we need to support each other, I started my blog to support women in my age group. Your content is great, keep sharing and growing!

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