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I believe it was two weeks ago I read a blog post that someone had written and it blew me away. This guy wrote about unrealistic expectations in his marriage. And the points that he made were amazing. But one of the main points that he made that stuck with me was that when you have high expectations there is no way that someone could reach these goals. I had to think if my expectations of my husband were too high? But he also pointed out that how often do you need these expectations met? How much or too little is enough? It had me thinking maybe I’m putting undue pressure on my husband. But the guy of the blog wrote that when his wife had no expectations of her husband how their marriage grew and how the things that she needed from him were meet more often. Okay, I’m like how is that possible because if he wasn’t doing it then what changes? So I made a challenge for myself to have no expectations of my husband and see how that will work. Well, let me tell you that since I’ve been doing this challenge how things have changed. And they have changed for the better. Since I have no expectations I’m not easily offended if something doesn’t get done. But the crazy part is that he is doing the things that I need and more. Why is that you ask? I’m not sure, to be honest. I told him about this last week and he was like really. I can’t explain it but if you don’t put pressure on yourself or your spouse it’s easier to relax and just enjoy one another. Crazy I know but it works.

4 thoughts on “Challenge:

  1. I agree and disagree. I will have expectations from my next partner. In my marriage and pervious relationships is that going with the flow left me unhappy, used like a door mat, and just confused.

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  2. Having expectations sets us up for disappointment in many areas of life! It is better to go with the flow and keep your expectations general and positive, such as “things are going well for me” or “life is good and I appreciate all my blessings.” I think in relationships, we get in trouble when we have unrealistic expectations or expectations that we don’t talk about with the other person. And it’s the unrealistic expectations that we talk about the least! So, it’s like a double whammy! Just my take on it. 🙂 (Nice writing! I enjoyed reading it!)

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