It’s that time again:

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As some of you know I dealt with some health issues earlier last year. And no they were not COVID related. One of the issues I had was with my breast. So I had to have a mammogram earlier than I usually get it. Come to find out I had two cysts on both breasts and I had a bunch of fatty tissue that was causing my pain. My oncologist suggested the Evening Primose Oil for my fatty tissue and it helped. My cyst eventually went away. But women I know with what is going on right now it’s still important to get our mammograms ( If you over 40 or have a history of breast cancer either in the family or with yourself). I have a family history of breast cancer and I’m in my early 40’s so I must get this done yearly. I’m headed to get my mammogram this morning. Ladies, please don’t neglect your health your so important. Take the time to schedule your necessary appointments.

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