What’s in a name?:

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

So what’s in a name? My first name is Colleen which means girl. People are shocked all the time when I tell them my name. Why are you shocked I say, well we have never met a black girl named Colleen. Well isn’t that something? I have had interviews where they call my name and are surprised when I stand up. A lot of them have told me that I didn’t sound black on the phone….. Wait a minute what??? What does that even mean??? Because I don’t use ebonics when I answer the phone??????? I know people who haven’t been able to get a job because of their name. I know people who make fun of people because they said their name is too urban and it won’t fit into today’s world. What????????? Do you know how many people who come here from another country that you can’t pronounce their names but they get jobs. This is so crazy. But now names have just gotten crazy like Apple, Blue Ivy, Karma, etc. Why do this to your children???? Names are supposed to mean something. I’m named after my grandfather’s sister who died of tuberculosis when she was 9. I take pride in my name and when people joke about my name sounding white it pisses me off. There are no rules to what you can name your children. I know white people who have named their children names that only black people used so what. Why judge someone for a name that they didn’t even get to pick? Does it make them any more or less important? No, it doesn’t. Before you judge someone because of their name how about you learn more about them.

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