I don’t understand:

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I’m not going to lie I don’t understand a politician. I don’t know what goes on in their minds. But Gov. Greg Abbott decides that next Wednesday he is opening up Texas 100%. Okay first of all we just came off of a bad winter storm. And there are still people without water. But now he has lifted the face mask( which means you don’t have to wear it out anymore unless the store you go to says so). And now businesses are okay to open up at 100%. We still have COVID going on. Our hospital rates are not that good. I don’t understand why he thinks this is a good idea? I mean do you feel like Texas is losing money? Well, all states are losing money. Do you feel like people need to get back to work? What work? So many businesses have closed or downsized. I don’t understand why he feels like this is something that should be happening right now. I feel like he is trying to kill us. Yes, we have the vaccine here but do you know how many people are still waiting to get the shot? Common sense goes a long way, but I feel like right now he is not using his common sense. This feels like a disaster waiting to happen.

13 thoughts on “I don’t understand:

  1. “a disaster waiting to happen”
    It may be, and at the very least, it is another surge waiting to happen. I hope that you are able to stay safe and weather the upcoming storm until you are all fully vaccinated down/over there, C.
    thank you for sharing these important points with us, and
    take care,

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      1. No worries, thank you for your support. It does not make sense, from a saving lives and working together point of view, but from certain other points of view, unfortunately, it does make a horrible sort of sense.
        I think that we, you, those of us who blog on these issues, and work to get us all to work together, are doing our part to forget our petty differences, and help each other as human beings. Sooner or later, that arc of history will bend toward justice, if we keep doing what we can, as you do, to bear witness, to educate, and to help each other heal.
        Thank you, C, for doing your part, and for helping me to do my part,
        Take care of yourself,

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