This weekend was hard:

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This weekend was probably the hardest, most draining, soul searching, and learning how to forgive weekends I have ever had. Let me just put it to you this way everyone in the household had an issue with each other and it just exploded. But yesterday we were able to air out our emotions and what we are dealing with. It was hard to hear some much-needed truths about myself, but it also allowed me to see where I needed to work on from someone else perspective.
I don’t like conflict at all. I shy away from it at all cost. But there are somethings that we must face about ourselves and how we treat each other. I’m a happy-go-lucky person, I’m also the only morning person in my household. I’m wanting everyone to have a great day and everyone is looking at me like it’s too early to be this happy and joyful. It was nice to hear my husband and daughter tell me how they feel. It was also nice to understand what they are going through and how I hurt them.
We all have differences and we are working on mending our relationship into a better one. For me, I think I would like to get counseling to be able to understand myself and deal with some past hurts and trauma. My husband and I have discussed marriage counseling as well and his counseling. This year has just started and it has made me appreciate this lockdown more. Would we have had this discussion if there was no lockdown? Probably not we wouldn’t have addressed it and it would still be an issue. Even though the moment was painful for everyone at least we were honest with ourselves and each other about what we need and are going through.
You think that when you see someone that things are great, but we have learned that my husband voices how he feels where my daughter and I keep our feelings inside. That’s not always good we need a balance. But it’s nice that at least we have made a step in the right direction. I pray that we can have more talks and that our relationship as a family grows and gets better. We all know that for that to be possible we must work on ourselves and be better for each other.
For you to grow you have to go through some type of pain. That’s when the healing can begin.

6 thoughts on “This weekend was hard:

  1. I know this was back in March but found it sooooooooooo helpful today. I have been paring folks out of my life who don’t have my best interest at heart. Am done with the one way relationships. If both parties can’t give, love and share what is the purpose and point? Good on you documenting this way. You enpower others to be honest with themselves and others. Being 100 is not easy. Have been enjoying your past posts. Be encouraged. Keep doing you. You got this. Your fam lucky to have one who is fearless in sharing her truth.

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