Me time:

Yesterday I went for a long walk. It was beautiful outside the temperatures reached 81 in the DFW area. Crazy because this time last week people were without power, water, and the temps were in the freezing digits. It was nice to get outside and get some fresh air. But mostly it was nice to clear my mind and just walk. It felt good just to concentrate on me and my feelings at that moment. It felt good that I didn’t have to think about what needed to be done or who needed me at that moment. As I was walking I noticed that other people walking were in deep thought as well. I need to have time for myself during the day. It was refreshing just to be out and doing something that felt good to me. But when I woke up this morning I felt it in my legs and thighs. I haven’t been walking in a while and boy am I paying for it. Hope everyone has a great day today.

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