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Well, I have been back on social media and I have to say that I won’t be on it like I used to be. It was so depressing and I wonder why people spend so much time on social media. I’ve missed some amazing things like wedding proposals, kids being born, and also birthdays. But other than that I didn’t miss anything at all. I use to be on social media when I was bored. Now when I find myself getting bored I start reading a book or doing something else that will keep me in a more positive mindset. I have limited my social media contact. I would be on it for hours now I’m just on it for minutes.

11 thoughts on “Social Media:

  1. Good for you. I scan FB once a day for about a minute. Too much negativity. I am active on Instagram which I see more positive posts. I prefer reading as well. This is where I spend much of my time. I hope you are doing well. Stay safe. Scott

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      1. Redeeming Love and Lineage of Grace,which is 5 stories of woman from the Bible written in a way that takes you directly into the times in which it occurred! I’ve read all of her novels but those are my favorites! 😊 Believe me, you will be blessed by whichever one you choose!

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  2. That’s a really positive attitude towards it. Social media can definitely be enjoyed, but too often it’s used for the wrong reasons. I recently posted on the other issues that can arise, with depression and the distortion of our attitudes crucial

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