I can see:

I got new glasses yesterday. It has been two years since I got my eyes checked. I know that I shouldn’t have waited that long. But while I can see clearer now with my glasses, I can always see clearer about myself. And there are some things about myself that I don’t like and I need to change. I don’t like that I don’t say no. I’m pretty easy going and if you need help I got you. But when I need help it’s often not given. I’m too nice and nice people get walked all over. I get upset like anyone but I’m too nice when it comes to being there for people and making sure that they are good. I don’t like the fact that people don’t care about my feelings and they just dismiss them like they are not important. I care about other’s feelings and I need to stand up for how I feel. I see that I need to work on having time for myself because I put too many people first. Where does my time come in? I have to see where I need to stand firm on how I’m feeling and what I need to work on. I’m very laid back and I need to get a backbone and not settle for less than what I’m worth. It’s time to dig deeper and not settle.

13 thoughts on “I can see:

  1. I love your writing. It’s so heartfelt and I love how you tied seeing clearly and getting. new glasses with introspect. Don’t beat yourself up, you are beautiful and learning is a lifelong journey. I’m glad to walk it with a kindred spirit.

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