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Am I the only parent that has looked at their friends and wondered why are you hanging out with this person? I have never been the parent who has taught my kids not to be friends with people. I trust them to make their own choices when it comes to friendships. But there are two friends that my daughter has that I just don’t care for. And she hangs with them all the time. One of her friends I just can’t put my finger on this girl but something about her just bothers me and I have told my daughter this. And her other friend well let’s just say this person is pure drama. This person needs attention bad and their personality is just way over the top. My kids have always asked me what I thought about their friends or who they are dating and I have given them my honest opinion. But would it be wrong if I just told my daughter you need to leave these two alone like right now?

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  1. Sometimes it’s hard to tell someone to leave snakes alone when they enjoy playing with them. It’s not until they get bitten, and that pain runs so deep and hurts them so bad, that “they” learn to leave that/those snakes alone and learns not to trust the snake, even though they’ve been warned about them. Even as an adult we don’t see such deception with people we call “so-called” friends or even family sometimes. You may have to step back, because sooner or later she’ll find out what your spirit is already telling you. She has to learn and you have to turn it over to God, but pray for her protection. Hang in there mom! 🙂

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    1. Thank you. Yeah I have stepped back and I’m leaving it alone. I have to understand that I can’t always be the one to make her see things. I do 🙏 that God would reveal something’s to her.

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  2. The troubles of parenthood. I experienced this same situation with my son, but when I voiced my opinion it was met with anger. It’s difficult to let them be because we don’t want them hurt or to make a mistake.

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