Teaching others:

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As I have been focused on myself this year, I have noticed that my husband has been focused on me as well. I’m not saying that he never focused on me, but this year has been amazing so far. There are things that I have mention in conversation about what I would like to do or he has seen me doing something and has done above what I would do for myself. So let me give you some examples I’m a simple woman trust me all the stuff people buy others don’t thrill me. Don’t get me wrong I like gifts but I like other things more. My husband has been helping me clean the kitchen more. When he sees that I’m overdoing it with something he will tell me to go rest that he will finish it. I have been working out and my old Fitbit watch was dying. I was blessed with that watch from a friend when she got two for Christmas some years back. I didn’t want to spend tons of money on a watch like that but there were certain things on the watch that I wanted. Well, my husband did some research and surprised me with a new watch which I love more than the Fitbit. He’s been doing more and our conversation flow has become so much better. I never knew that when I started focusing on myself and not the needs of others all the time, that I was teaching other’s what I needed.

12 thoughts on “Teaching others:

  1. I soooooooooooooooo enjoy your sharing your life and thoughts regarding your husband and how he treats you and how feel about things. Awesome. Gives us single peeps hope, eh? I can’t wait til your book comes out! Get to writing, sista!! Love your posts. More!

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      1. I have learned to allow NOTHING to stop me from writing. No funk, sad, mad etc. the enemy, situations, folks desperate to shut you down and up. Keep speaking. YOU ARE BREAKING CHAINS WITH EVERY THOUGHT, WORD, FEELING. We grow as you go and grow. NEVER doubt this. You are impactful whether you feel it or not. Keep going, my sister. You got this. I have been praying for you and all the bloggers and responders. Yall change my life on the DAILY!❤😎

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