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As a nation how do we heal? Where do we begin to start the process? After seeing the Capitol riots and yesterday’s peaceful inauguration where do we begin? For some it may seem like healing will never come and that how things are will continue to be. And then some are hopeful for change. I still poise this question that I have posted before in my blogs why the hate? Why do we hate a political party? Why do we hate change? Why do we hate the color of someone’s skin? Why do we hate each other? Why is hate even taught in the home? It doesn’t matter who you voted for trust me if you don’t like this person it will change in four years. But what hasn’t changed is the hate in this country. I pray for healing, I pray for love and I pray that people can learn to have honest conversations with one another and truly get to know each other. At some point, I wonder do people even stop to think why they hate something? To me hate is such a strong word. I pray that we can learn to truly change our hate to love. But first, our hearts need to change about the situation. We can heal as a nation we just have to want to.

7 thoughts on “My two cents:

  1. Good afternoon. Great questions. This country was founded on hate of anyone who isn’t if the white race. Why? No one can give an answer because there is none. There is no reason to hate another human being due to soical class or race. The ones at the top are the ones who continue to create the great divided between the haves and have not because they feel it’s their right. I pray that Biden will show them how wrong they are. ❤️

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  2. I agree, hate is a very harsh statement. We need to put as much energy as some do in hating into loving and learning how to live with each other.

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