You are beautiful:

Since I have been fasting I have been trying to get to know myself. Why don’t I love myself? I love myself but why is it easier to love others more than yourself? And it came to me. When you invest and take time to know others it’s easier to love them. But when you neglect yourself and you don’t take the time to know yourself then you can’t love someone you’re not trying to get to know. And I’m taking the time to get to know myself more. I looked in the mirror and named all the things that I didn’t like about myself. But then I looked in the same mirror and told myself all the things that I like about myself. We live in a world where they dictate what the standard of beauty is. But I’m sorry I don’t want to go off of someone’s standard who doesn’t know me to tell me that I’m beautiful. I have to keep telling myself that. I’m not a supermodel but I am beautiful. It hurts that so many women look at celebrities as a standard of beauty. But most of them have had some type of surgery done on them. I’m a natural beauty and the standard of my beauty starts and ends with me. Women you are beautiful, please stop comparing yourself to other women. We have flaws and insecurities. Love you and know that you are beautiful.

14 thoughts on “You are beautiful:

  1. You are beautiful and unique just like each one of us is beautiful and unique! I don’t understand why people try so hard to look like celebrities or famous people, models, etc. This world would be SO BORING if we all looked the same! When will people understand this?!

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  2. I agree, we are all beautiful! God is not a Cookie cutter Creator. He created us all uniquely different in appearance and personality. So I agree with you, be the uniquely you God created you you be. 😊😊👣

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