Book box:

I read this awesome blog post and I wish that I could remember the lady’s name of the blog that I read. She truly made my day because I love books and I have always wanted to subscribe to a book box subscription. But there are so many out there and you don’t know which ones are truly worth it. So she had a whole blog post about the book box subscriptions that she tried out. And I was so happy because she saved me the work and the money. So out of all the ones that she blogged about I narrowed it down to the two that spoke to me the most. So the first one that came is from BlackLit and the email is No, I’m not getting paid to promote or talk about this book subscription. This book box was great. I’m a book lover and this made me so happy. If you are currently subscribed to a book box or you use to. What is your favorite?

And these are the items that were in my box.

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