Time to end some friendships:

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Sadly, it takes a pandemic to help you understand friendship. Friendship is a word that I’m not going to use loosely anymore. I need to redefine what I feel a friend truly is. My circle of friends is small anyway but it’s about to get even smaller. For me, I have a best friend, friend, and acquaintance. You are in one of those three categories for me. I only have three best friends, but my “friends” list I’m going to reorganize this list. I’m the type of friend who checks on my friends weekly sometimes 3 times a week. But one thing that I have noticed about some friends is that you always have to be there for them. Whether it’s calling, texting, or providing some type of interaction whether on social media, etc. I just don’t understand if you call yourself a friend why one friend needs to do this and you can’t. I say friend because my best friends I don’t have to worry about this. A few of my friends I have learned this year are selfish and don’t seem to care about anyone else’s needs but their own. Not only that no matter how much support and attention that you give them it’s not enough. If you can support, encourage and always be there for someone but never get that, then why are we friends? I’ve noticed that some people only want you when they want you. I’m still trying to understand why I keep some people around, to begin with. Maybe I want too much out of my friends and maybe it’s not me but for them. Maybe they are only supposed to be with me for a season. Maybe they have served their purpose whatever that was. How do you feel about friendships?

19 thoughts on “Time to end some friendships:

  1. I resonated with this post a lot. And much like yourself i too have a categorical list of those I consider friends, acquaintances and associates. Everyone has their own standards and I think it’s very necessary in friendship. When it does feel one way it may not always be what you think. I almost had a similar experience and all it took was having a great conversation to understand that certain friend and why they were being how they were. Things are much better now. Sometimes speak to your friends before cutting them off. Don’t know if that helps.

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    1. I have spoken with her and right now she is going through a selfish phase. She wants everything to be about her. And I just won’t put up with it. We are both grown and my life won’t revolve around her. Yes your comment did help.

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  2. Friendships have to work both ways, it can’t all be one sided or it doesn’t work. I had a similar situation and talked through this with my friend. Our relationship grew stronger. You have to evaluate and decide what’s best for you. Always do what’s best for you! Good luck xx

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  3. I feel the same way. I keep a very small circle of people I call friends. These are the ones I can be completely honest with. I put them in the “bail me out of jail” category. The ride or die, down for you no matter what, will tell you the truth about yourself and love you to the end. Those are friends. Proverbs 17:17 says, a true friend shows love at all times and is a brother who is born for times of distress.” Proverbs 18:24 and 27:17 also show what a true friend should be.
    I keep the others at arms distance.

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  4. Unfortunately, it takes something terrible to happen to realize who is your true friend. Whether it’s a pandemic or some sort of personal tragedy. It’s good to reflect every now and then who are those people that are worth keeping around as your “extended family”. It is all about the balance between giving and receiving. Great post, sending socially distant hugs, Selfish Jo 😉 x

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  5. Happy New year, cfoster20.

    I have done that some years ago. I fine-tuned my friends with such precision, I found myself without friends. Lol. I may be laughing a bit but it took the pandemic for me to realize it is time to make some new friends and increase my sphere of influence with people who will challenge me in many ways. Good for you, cfoster20.

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  6. I hear you. I’ve always had a very small circle of what I think of as “1st tier” friends. Then I have 2nd tier playmates for various interests. By the time, I get to the 3rd tier, my expectations are pretty low. LOL. I usually just engage the 3rd tier for fun times.

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