What does it mean to love someone unconditionally? Is it even possible?

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5 thoughts on “Love:

  1. I believe loving someone unconditionally is possible but it comes with consequences. Millions if not billions of people love someone no matter what, but that love does not require us to support them no matter what. Jehovah God sets the example. He showed love and support to the Israelites if they followed his righteous standards and commandments. But they broke their promise to do so and God allowed them to be destroyed. The lesson is love and commit to those that are willing to love and commit to you. Loving unconditionally to someone that doesn’t feel the same only leads to heartbreak.

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  2. Yes, but love comes with great sacrifice and carries a high price! Jesus loved and it cost him his life! If we want to experience that kind of love we will continually be challenged throughout life to die to ways that will hinder the growth of this love! If he loves we are capable as well. The question is, are we willing to die to experience it on this side of heaven? ❤️

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