How are you doing?:

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How are you? With everything going on in the world how are you doing? I know for me I’m tired of it all. I will be glad when the elections are over with. I could go on about that but I won’t. COVID is rising and people are still not taking it seriously. And the weather is truly getting strange. As much as I would like everything to go back to normal I honestly don’t remember what normal is like? So many people are dying because of other careless people. So many are dying because of the color of their skin. Jobs are closing because of COVID. People are feeling helpless and hopeless. Marriages are ending because people realize that they can’t spend the rest of their lives with this one person that they now have to spend so much time with. This year has been draining, to say the least. I have moments of motivation when it comes to my book and moments when I just don’t want to write at all. I honestly don’t believe whoever we elect as president that things are going to change. How in four years can a president make all the wrongs right? I have tried to limit how much news I watch but sometimes that’s impossible. But how are you doing? What helps you get through the days?

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  1. It’s rough, for sure. I’m hoping our country will choose wisely next week. I voted for the candidate who actually supports human rights for all. I’ve unfollowed so many people on social media. Conspiracy theories abound. And as a healthcare provider, I’m working with patients who are recovering from COVID-19. And yet folks still won’t wear the masks. Sigh.

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  2. My husband and I are coping as best we can. Accessing religious services regularly (via Zoom) is very helpful. We still feel close to the congregation and get the spiritual encouragement we need. Just like you, I’m tired of the election, I’m tired of the lies, I’m tired of the pandemic and being in this house. What’s helped us the most is bible reading and study. Hope is a powerful thing and the Bible offers hope of a better future, free of sickness, suffering and death. When I read those passages (Revelation 21:3,4; John 5:28-29, Psalms 37:10,11; Isaiah 65:17-29) I’m encouraged and strengthened to hold on and keep going. Also, prayer has provided me a lot of peace (Philippians 4:6,7). Here’s a video about God’s Kingdom that brought tears to my eyes. I hope it encourages you as well.

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  3. 2020 as it is coming to an end. It has made me realise who my rock is and also stretch me to a point I taught I will break but just snapped right back. I feel for you guys and your election. We thinking of brexit and the COVID19 increasing and the people not listening. It is a year that no one will ever forget, it is a year to be grateful.
    Big hugs and thank you for the post.

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  4. I’m tired. Singing, writing and talking to close friends is helping. I’m reminded how important my family is to me. Working in healthcare, I see how fragile life is and it’s sad that people think we’re back to normal. We are not and so I do my best to distance myself. I started singing Christmas music last night, and it raised my spirits. I hope that no matter what happens, we find our ways to cope in healthy and uplifting ways.

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  5. cfoster20, how are you doing? When we recognize how we feel on the surface, it is a lot there. However, when we look deeper into the core of our feelings, to the core of our beings, we can narrow our focus on ourselves and what we have control over. This is more easily said than done. Everyone must find how to cope with their level of stress, internally and externally. What is so amazing is we all have different ideas on how to do that. Talking about positive things can help us all do just that, cope, and find new ideas and new friends. I am so happy I came across your blog. Keep on doing well. Your new friend in the digital world.

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  6. First of all,

    Write Your Book!!

    we need it, the world needs it, and I suspect that also, you need it, so please do not stop writing it.

    Yeah, ” in four years can a president make all the wrongs right? ”
    -obviously he can’t, but
    “Yes, we can” if we keep pulling together, and keep working to educate all of us, together.

    We have to believe that hope is possible, and viable and useful.
    As a friend of mine said to me,
    We have to have faith in hope.

    Stay safe,

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    1. Awe thank you so much. I’m working on it. I get discouraged at times but I know this book is something that I’m meant to right. Thank you. Yes we can only have hope when it comes to a president. I have to remember that they are human and flawed like us.

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      1. Yep, human, and flawed like us, but still must be held accountable to and by people like us. That’s the point of a Republic (ok, in that case, we make our representatives hold the president to account…).

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