Taking care of me:

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I’ve been taking care of myself and I have been learning me more and more. I have learned what I want and what I don’t want. I have been loving me more and more. But one thing that has truly made my heart swell is the fact that my husband has been so supportive and loving to me. My husband and I have been in a really good place. I haven’t been going out of my way and doing stuff for everyone. And it’s nice to see that my words are important and to be taken seriously. It hurts that I had to go off to get results. It hurts that people don’t seem to care as much as you do. But I learned that my level of caring isn’t always other people’s level of care. They care they just show it in different ways. I’m learning to be patient and understanding when it comes to those things. My chest pain has gone away. I know that it was most definitely stress. I’m learning and growing. But one thing is truly important for me and that’s taking some me time. I’m not going to neglect myself or always be available like I use to be.

2 thoughts on “Taking care of me:

  1. Yes : ) Glad to hear this. I’m happy for you..Sometimes we have to be “more vocal” than usual to get our loved ones attention. lol…Your peace is important and so is the love, care and support especially from your hubby. Ugh, it’s been a rough week but you are truly a survivor! All the best to you and yours : ) Love the articles – keep ’em comin! : )

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