Let me vent:

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It’s crazy to expect people to be who you think that they should be. This week was a great learning lesson for me. Tuesday I started having these weird chest pains while cooking. The pains didn’t go away so I called my cardiologist and I was scheduled for an EKG the next day. But during that night I didn’t feel myself and instead of getting some type of empathy for my husband. It’s like he wanted to pick an argument and I wasn’t happy about that at all. Then on Wednesday, I had my EKG done, and when it was done I let my kids know that I had to get an EKG done. And the next day not one of my kids called or even asked about how I was feeling. My daughter who lives at home with me didn’t even ask. She was just worried about what she wanted to do but not me. When I tell you how much that hurt me. I felt like okay I’m not understanding this at all. I got so many what I felt like were excuses from my kids and then on top of that, I told my husband what I felt like was lacking in our marriage. And it felt like he couldn’t understand where I was coming from. When you having a conversation with someone it’s rude to constantly be on your phone. It’s like when we do stuff he’s always on his phone. How hard is it to put your phone down and pay some attention to your wife? I’m not really in a good space right now. It just feels like a lack of respect and concern for me when it comes to my husband and kids. My EKG came back normal but my doctor is still concerned. Thank you for letting me vent.

16 thoughts on “Let me vent:

  1. It sounds like you’re having a built-up stress issue, my dear. I remember when I was in my teens, my mother experienced the very same thing. We rushed her to the ER and after examining her, the doctor asked her what was she worried about. He told her she didn’t have a heart attack, although heart issues run in our family. He said he wasn’t prescribing anything because her situation was not a medical one, although the symptoms appeared to be heart-related. At that time, and this was about 47 years ago, he said that she didn’t need medication but she needed to do something about the stuff that was worrying her…the underlying stress problems that didn’t seem all that important. She didn’t think she was worried about anything in particular, but when we looked back on that night, there were some familiar sounding occurrences you’re experiencing…minus the Smartphone! 😉 When have you stepped back and did “YOU” for a change? 🙂

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    1. That’s a good question. I hardly step back and do me. I feel like trying to navigate the last child is exhausting. I feel like my husband and kids don’t understand that I get tired as well.

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      1. Well, sounds like you have a little bit of stepping back to do…in an unselfish – selfish kind of way. If you don’t take care of yourself (mind, body and spirit) you won’t be any good for yourself or anyone else. Make changes to help you stay encouraged and useful. 😀

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  2. I’m so sorry to hear about this : ( Unfortunately, many times people have a disconnect due to a lack of ignorance in the matter or little to no experience themselves in what you’re enduring. It’s the worst when it’s your loved ones. Believe I KNOW exactly how you feel. My husband’s been there but sometimes it’s hard because everyone is used to me getting things done and being able bodied. They don’t always think it’s serious especially if you’re not laid up in a hospital somewhere…so that’s frustrating. What’s helped me is just having convos with people who can identify and knowing The Lord is with me. I hope and pray your family comes around in your time of need. All the best to you and thanks for sharing : )

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  3. I’m sorry to hear that. Im married with three kids and sometimes I don’t feel i’m heard. I recently just had the same conversation with my husband. A few Thanksgings ago I went to the ER for chest pains and they said it was due to stress. Sometimes we don’t realize how much we take on. Im glad that you’re okay.

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