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As you know I’m an empty nester. Well not really because my daughter still lives at home while going to college online. I’m glad that her college is doing an online course only. But right now I feel confused about where our relationship is going right now. My daughter is a young adult and she has a lot of freedom. But right now I feel like her freedom is going to the extreme. On Sunday I was so mad at her because my husband and I offered to help her out with her parking but she said she had homework due. But yet she went out with her friends. I don’t mind her hanging out with her friends. Okay yes, I do with Covid going on. But I never had an issue with her going places and doing things. But here is my issue with her newfound freedom. I don’t want her grades to slip and I don’t want her to lose focus on her goals. On her off days from work, she hangs out with her friends. My daughter wants to be a doctor and she will be in school for a while. I’m just concerned that by always hanging out she will lose focus. Maybe I’m having a hard time with my baby being a young adult. I’m not sure where this balance is going to come from. At her age, I already had a kid and I wasn’t able to go to college. I’m trying to protect her but I know that I have to let her go and grow up on her own. This is where I’m struggling right now. Any advice for me?

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  1. College requires lots of discipline so I understand your concern. Sometimes young adults don’t listen well to parents maybe you can get her involved in a virtual sisterhood that can offer support and advice. There is a group on Facebook that may be a good option

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  2. It’s good you are concerned about it. I am not yet a parent but would say that you should keep loving her even in the odds and yes seek strength and wisdom from Abba – He knows just the best way to get you through this. ❤

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  3. I’d like to mention, I’m not a parent, still I hear you on the mother daughter dynamic. It sounds like what my Mum & I experienced while I lived at home. I’d say even though my Mom had a hard time watching make irresponsible choices, she continued to share her wisdom. It sounds like your daughter needs to make friends with people are moving in her similar direction. If she’s transiting from teen to adulthood, that freedom can be intoxicating. Remind her, education is power and freedom to create the life she wants, that school should be top priority, and if you’re ahead in your assignments than go ahead and relax. But if you’re procrastinating and you fail your classes then you have to retake the class and pay for the class yourself without financial aid. And that sucks, that expense is so not worth it.

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