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I listen to a sermon today it was about being all in. And it made me think about a lot of things. What am I all in and what am I not all in? I’m all in when it comes to my marriage. Just learning and growing with one another has made me appreciate who I have in my life. I’m all in when it comes to being a mother and also when it comes to my friendships. But one thing I don’t seem to be all in about is my writing. I seem to doubt myself and read other people’s work and I just stop writing. But I know what I have to offer when it comes to my writing so why am I not all in? That is a question that I don’t have an answer for. I know that I have a story to tell and I know that the story that I have to tell will help and bless someone. I haven’t written since my friend passed away. I know that this isn’t an excuse, but I have to be all-in when it comes to what I’m passionate about. So what’s your all in?

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  1. My relationship with God, marriage, family and friend relationships. I’m like you when it comes to writing. I’m not all in although I have periods of being all in. My inconsistency is something I’m working on. I love writing, but I doubt myself. I doubt I’m good enough or that people would want to read what I’ve written. I have so many ideas that never get past the planning stage.

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  2. I love your honesty on this. 🤗 Do remind yourself of “why” you started the book. And remind yourself that you have a voice that needs to speak out loud too. See the best in your work, from now. You can do it with God you can. ❤

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  3. Appreciate the transparency in your posts and content almost inspires me to do the same with mine. At the moment I would say i am all in with gratitude, prayers and scripture studies as a daily habit to start my day as well as my relationship. I should be all in with my writing but life lool and not been inspired lately

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  4. Hi, I am all in with my family, relationship, spirituality, and becoming a better me.

    Did your friend have a part in your writing? Did he or she give you ideas or encourage you? I find meditation and asking questions helps find the answers I seek. Give it a try❤

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