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I don’t feel good today. My allergies are kicking my butt bad. Between the sneezing and runny nose, I can’t catch a break. I feel blah to be honest. I’m just tired of my allergies, tired of the news, tired of people dying, and tired of people not caring about others. I’m tired and my emotions are all over the place. So many people have died of COVID but our lovely president is downplaying it as always. I’m just tired of people in government not caring about others. This year is truly exhausting. I hope you all are having a better week than me.

12 thoughts on “Tired:

  1. Girl, you aren’t the only one who feels exhausted. Acknowledging the fact that the more we look and listen to the news, you get tired of the same ole, same ole BS. It doesn’t make sense, but don’t you allow those things to make you lose hope. While it may look gloomy right now, I STILL believe God is in control. It’s just His timing is not ours and vice-versa. Stay encouraged and don’t let these ills get the best of you. 🙂 But you are entitled, as we all are of resting from our tiredness because this stuff won’t win unless we allow it to! 😉

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  2. My allergies wake me up daily with 10-15 sneezes every morning followed by a choked nose for an hour every day for the last 4 decades. Every word in your post resonated with me. Hang in there. It will be better next week and then we can talk about how it is going well 😊

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