Death is hard:

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Thursday, I lost a really good friend. We grew up together, went to church together, and school. He was someone who had a great outlook on life. He was always the life of the party and was loved so much. He lost his battle with cancer Thursday and Friday was his birthday. This hit me hard. I know that we have are going to die one day but it still hurts nonetheless. As I see and read all the love shown to him on Facebook, it makes me think about what will people say about me when I die? Did I live my life in a way where people will remember me? Did I make a difference in someone’s life? How much joy and encouragement did I bring to someone’s life? I will remember our conversations and the good times that we had during the years. I want people to remember me as being a positive light in their world. I want them to know that I was honest and genuine with all conversations that we had. But most importantly I want them to know that I cared about them. His death is hard but I know that he isn’t in any pain anymore. I’m glad that he was my friend and I always let him know that I love him. Live your life in a way that you will be remembered for the joy, light, and love that you gave.

18 thoughts on “Death is hard:

  1. I’m so sorry for your loss. I lost a friend to cancer this year and last year so I understand. I have hope that I and you will see our fallen friends again in God’s Kingdom. Sending my deepest condolences to you and to the family.

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  2. I am so so sorry for your loss!😞 May you continue to find comfort. We do have a sure hope from the Bible to see our loved ones again here on earth! Acts 24:15 and John 5:28 in harmony with Psalms 37:29

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