October goals:

Welcome to a new month. I’m starting this month out with some new goals.

  1. To work more on my book
  2. To blog a little less
  3. To spend more time with my family
  4. To have a lot more me days
  5. To not let this election stress me out
  6. To read more books
Photo by Polina Zimmerman on Pexels.com

I’m committed to working on my goals each month. I figure if I write out what I intend to do each month, it will help me get more things done. So what are your goals for this new month?

15 thoughts on “October goals:

  1. Great list.🎃
    I will join you. I have to complete editing my 3rd manuscript.
    I want to blog more
    Yes, to spending more time with family.
    Yes, to more me days
    And yes to paying attention to my health 🍁

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  2. Excellent goals, and thank you for sharing. This post is a call to action for me. I am committed to:
    1). Being more consistent and focused.
    2). Completing my first draft of my memoir.
    3). Starting my copywriting business full-time to transition from corporate work.
    4). Being more diligent with my health by eating healthy, losing weight, and toning up my body.
    5). Blogging more on my website and social media platforms.
    6). Buying more plants.
    7). Reading at least a book a week.
    8). Becoming more intimate in my relationship with my Heavenly God and rising earlier to worship, pray, and study my word to show myself approved.

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