Let’s talk marriage:

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I met my husband at a time where I had given up on love. I didn’t believe in true love anymore. I thought that men were all the same. I felt down when it came to love. But being around my husband as a friend opened my eyes and heart. I had put a wall up around my heart and I didn’t want any man near it. I could care less about being in a relationship. Until I started getting these weird butterflies in my stomach when we were together. I would love being close to him and just hanging out. When we weren’t together I wanted to be with him. It was a weird feeling because I was starting to want more from him than just a friendship. The odd thing was he was feeling the same way as well. We called this stage in our relationship the in-between stage. Because we weren’t a couple but we were acting like it. The bricks around my heart started coming down. I was able to trust again because with him there were no games. He was a straight shooter. We stayed in this in-between stage until we were ready to be a couple. And trust me it was worth the wait.

12 thoughts on “Let’s talk marriage:

  1. So beautiful. Thank you for sharing this. I agree, love happens when we are not obsessing over it. The in-between stage is also critical! When we do it right, we feel free and safe and just able to enjoy being in love. Wonderful post. I feel giddy!

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  2. This is great and a lesson for many. When you take sex and all that out of the equation and just have friendship to start you get to know a totally different person. So glad it worked out for you. I wish more young people would do what you did–instead of just rushing in.

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  3. That’s beautiful! I love to hear stories like this. Love is such an amazing thing but it’s understandable why you had walls up at first. Love can be very scary because it leaves us so vulnerable. But there’s nothing like true love and being friends first builds a solid foundation for a happy marriage. Congrats!

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