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This week has been truly exhausting. I have been having chest pains due to stress and headaches. I have tried my best to not let people take my peace. But this week was a hell-storm full of emotions and let downs. I was so stressed out that I wasn’t concerned about my health. Then I had to think about it. If I was dead would anyone else have been concerned about my health? I doubt it. When you are caught up in a sea of emotions people just don’t realize what your going through. I’m taking a step back and working on me. I’m not going to worry about others because any change has to come from me. I can’t change other people. But maybe getting me together will help them see the changes that they need to make. I’m going to stop letting people destroy and disrupt my peace.

18 thoughts on “Emotions:

  1. I know the feeling. I hope you find your peace within and protect your energy when necessary. (You are sure right) the only control we have is ourselves. Knowing and functioning that way will be a stress reliever, slowly but surely. Best wishes to you. Xoxo

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