Fall weather:

My favorite season is fall. I love all things fall, well except for pumpkin spice coffee and just pumpkin spice period. I love cool weather, football, and crockpot meals. I love sweats and sweatshirts. But I love apple cider. My daughter and I will drink this all day. I love the way it smells and tastes. So I decided to try and make some homemade apple cider. And for my first time, it turned out great. I live in Texas and it takes a while for the cool weather to come. But I’m all about the fall. What is your favorite season?

6 thoughts on “Fall weather:

  1. At some point my favorite season switched from spring to fall. I do still love spring, a time of renewal , but fall brings so many wonderful blessings, some of them you mentioned. It is also a welcome reprieve from the hot summer months for those of us living in the southwest. 😀


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