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So I have a question for all my writers and authors out there. So here is the question: When you have a rough draft who do you let read it? Do you find beta readers, friends or do you pay someone to read your rough draft? I’m in the process of wanting to have someone read my rough draft. But I’m at the point that I’m not sure if someone will read it to give me the feedback that I need or if someone is reading it to steal my story. So this is the question that I’m asking.

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  1. I haven’t showed anyone my rough draft. I just wrote from the heart and did not worry who will like my writing or who will laugh at it. I figured I am writing from the heart and those who will resonate with me and my story will appreciate my books. Hope this helps xx

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  2. Hi. I went many routes. My first book my son and daughter in law ready it and I had a a few friends males and females read it and we did a Q & A. The same for my second and soon to be third. This is before it goes to the editor I pay.

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  3. Only author friends whose judgment I trust get to read my unedited rough drafts. After I get their feedback, then I begin the clean-up, but it could still be a while before beta readers see it. 🙂

    Consider using something like BookFunnel to distribute your ARCs, There are free and paid plans. 🙂

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  4. You have written two books and I think you have enough under your belt to be able to make the decision if this is good enough. I have written three and I am on my fourth. The first time I let my cousin read it because I know she loves novels. Here is my tip, if you just have to let someone read it, or do beta readers, you only need to let them read the first 4 chapters. That is it. But you have got this! Trust your gut.


  5. My husband has t he same thought about worrying if somehow would still the memoir im writing but sometimes we need faith. I would get a couple people you know and trust reading your draft. I will try to have faith

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  6. Depending on your comfort level, you may want to edit things a bit first before showing it to anyone. Then get some feedback from others on your work, but you can skip to the showing to others first, but I’d suggest letting them know it’s an early manuscript and giving them some prompts for feedback on specific items.

    Once you’ve got some feedback and clean everything up then show it to a professional editor. Not before you’ve cleaned things up. Doing it this way will save you a lot of money down the road.

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  7. I honestly write a lot of my content and posts or anything i put into the universe from my heart, my writings are my truths, I don’t think I trust a being entirely to proofread my truths, ideas or visions. I go over it myself and try and read from a different eye and place myself in the position of a reader who may not even know me. That enables me to edit effectively. Then for extra finesse I use grammarly although not yet the premium type that allows vast advantages. Hope that helps

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