Chadwick Boseman:

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I know that we have all heard and is mourning the death of Chadwick Boseman. And to think about him having stage 3 then stage four colon cancer without telling the world. To be honest I would do the same thing. I would only tell a handful of people that I knew who would encourage and support me. If you tell to many people that can be stressful. But more important he worked like he was fine. When I’m not feeling good I definitely don’t work like all is fine. You can tell in my face that something is wrong. I’ve heard people say that he should have told someone about his cancer. Why? If he would have let Hollywood know that he was sick he wouldn’t be able to make these amazing movies that he did. But his life and death have taught me a great lesson, don’t tell everyone everything. Move-in silence because you never know who may not want good things for you. I feel like Chadwick was a big brother and he was a great actor. I’m praying for his wife and family.

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  1. One of my friends (a fellow Marvel fan) said it was like losing Iron Man in the movie only this was real. That’s exactly what it felt like. He was such a cool guy and great actor.

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