Love is blind: Poem

Photo by Matheus Viana on

I’m invisible but maybe I’m good
Love is not blind but my color should
I don’t feel like I fit in this world
You can be anything you want but just not that girl
Don’t give them anything to talk about
We are not invisible maybe we should
But what good would that do they are always better than you
Your color will always stand out to them
If you love me then you will understand
Will I come home when I walk out this door
I’m not invisible that is for sure
Love is not blind but my color should
Maybe black men would come back home
The fathers are missing and you don’t have a clue
No one is taking someone away from you
But still, you think is this okay
Is this really the Christian way
Is God okay when you pull that trigger
Does it make it right or is fear what you trigger
Keep us in our place is what you say
Love is not blind but black is not okay

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