Let me be honest: Poem

Photo by Gareth Davies on Pexels.com

Can I be honest and tell you how I feel
From the beginning, I have always been real
No matter the day the time of the year
I have always prayed for you and I always will
Love, life and hate is all around
When you leave I stop breathing because I don’t know if you will be around
There is so much killing, little regard for life
You’re a black man and I your black wife
If you don’t come home, no one will care
I’m left to deal with the pain that no one else has to bare
I thought love would be easy but it comes with so much pain
We are not equal and our life isn’t the same
I pose no threat yet you are afraid of me
I own no weapons but death is what you see
To say I’m scared is truth and facts
When killing is so easy especially if you’re black
No day we will all be equal you see but this is not easy because America is not free
My hair is to nappy, my lips too big
I have to be groomed for you in a certain way
No matter what I won’t be better than you
My life is pointless and you don’t have a clue
We will all be judged by what we did on Earth
We are all one for what it’s worth

6 thoughts on “Let me be honest: Poem

    1. so beautiful and touching…but also sad… ๐Ÿ˜ฅ I am terrified at what is happening in the US. I am cetainly glad that guns are banned here in AU. I have been shocked at how many people call themselves Christians…and yet they own a gun. As Christians we are to follow Jesus and before we do something or take a decision, we are to ask ourselves: “Would Jesus do what I’m about to do?” or in this case, “would Jesus own a gun?” I guarantee you the answer is no. We don’t need a gun or weapons to protect ourselves, we need God and if our life is in God’s hands than we will be fine. I often hear people ‘defending’ their reason to own a gun with: ‘oh, its for personal protection’. I don’t need a gun or weapon to protect myself, my protection is God and if God allows me to be in a situation where I am being attacked then HE will protect me and if I am meant to die being attacked by someone, then so be it, Jesus died for all of us and he was son of God, what makes me more special? I don’t need a weapon which I will use in time of fear and more then likely kill a human being. “If God be with us, who can be against us?” Question is…Do we communicate with God every moment and want him to be with us in every moment? Or do we think the Bible is old fashioned and God is mean (because we blame him for everything bad that happens to us as a result of making bad decisions and turning away from God because we know it all and want to be free and don’t like it when God tells us how to live our life in the Bible) and turn to new age beliefs and religions? And of course when we choose to push God away, we are on our own because God does not force. And that is the reason this world is in the state that it is now…. God is love, pure love….but the world is turning away from God and the Bible prophesies are being fulfilled, especially a verse in the new testament that says that in the last days, people will lack love, they will be cold and selfish….they will love themselves and be greedy, love for others will disappear. No wonder…the source of love is God.

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      1. I agree 1000% with this comment. I love this. God is love. I don’t understand why people hate others just because of the color of someone’s skin. I wish people would take the time to understand that we were created by God. No one has a right to take someone else’s life.

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      2. Amen, NOBODY has the right to take someone else’s life. Sixth commandment: “Thou shalt not kill” or the new commandment in the old testament from Jesus: ^Love your neighbour as yourself”. Any colour, any race, anyone apart from yourself and your family, is your neighbour. Jesus taught us to turn the other cheek. He also said: “those that try to save their life will lose it”. We are all God’s children no matter what colour and race ๐Ÿ’—. As I said earlier, if our hearts are not transformed by God’s love…. the evil one enter’s our heart and works through us to do his evil works such as: hatred, jealousy, greed, envy, ego, selfishness and so on…The only way to save ourselves is through Jesus, follow him. He lived a humble life, he never sought to save his life, he always cared about others, helped them, healed them, comforted them and in the end died for us all so we can be saved from eternal death. The death we experience here is just a deep sleep, it’s not permanent. If we die in Jesus…he will call each one of us by name when he comes for the second time to take his children home, those that accept him as their personal saviour and have followed in his footsteps of love and humility ๐Ÿ’—

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