So let’s talk:

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I’m not even gonna lie. I hate talking about politics. I’m so confused by everything that is happening in the world right now. I wish for once that we could have people who don’t talk bad about one another, who are honest in what they say that they will do and who will represent everyone. I’m tired of he said she said. I’m tired of politicians saying one thing at the moment and doing another. I need someone who is for everyone. No matter your race, sex, and religion this person is going to make sure that right is right and wrong is wrong. I want someone who has empathy and compassion. I need someone who has honestly worked their way up and hasn’t always had it easy. I need someone who thinks about the American people and puts themselves in our shoes, not the wealthy shoes but the middle class and poor shoes. I need someone who at night won’t be able to sleep if justice isn’t served. I want someone who is going to lead and not be led. I want someone who cares about people and will work hard. I’m tired of the circus show and people not telling the truth our caring about the American people. These are just my feelings and please don’t take it personally.

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