How are you doing?:

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I’m checking in on you all. How are you doing? I know this is still a rough time for everyone but I want to check-in. My daughter started college yesterday and I’m feeling some type of way about that. I’m an empty nester and part of me is super happy but the other part is I want my babies to be little again. My daughter started school virtual yesterday. My husband and I are in this transition where we are like what’s next. I like that part because we are in the season of us growing in love and as a person. I’m still jobless, I’m okay but not okay. I have friends who have started work only to be sent home because of COVID. I have seen people go to work for a week only to go back on unemployment. I’m still working on my health. I have gotten better when it comes to my health. But I’m still dealing with my endometriosis. I’m still walking and eating better. I can say that there are so many things that have improved for me and I’m very happy with how I’m growing personally. I’m doing more reading and writing. I’m hoping that soon this COVID will end and life will somehow go back to normal. I can’t wait to celebrate my tenth anniversary next month. So how are you doing? Let’s talk.

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  1. I too can’t wait for this covid to dissapear. I pray to God everynight to wipe out this evil virus from the whole world. I know he can do anything!

    We have been in lockdown due to second wave here in Melbourne, AU for 6 weeks now and have 3 more weeks to go.

    When the lockdown started I have decided to use these 9 weeks to exercise daily, eat healthy and do intermittent fasting. I feel lighter healthier and thr exercise and healthy earing ishelping to keep depression and anxiety away xx

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  2. Hi. So at the beginning of this virus crisis I was ok. I mean I did allow myself to be sucked in by the news. I build an invisible bubble of peace and stayed focused on working from home plus blessed to have a 2nd job. So fast forward…now summer is coming to an end things are changing. I might not have my remote teaching job, some of my private students parent can’t afford me anymore, so it seems like things are working imrevse. But all in all I am staying positive.😊

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      1. Hi. Yes going to stay focused on my goal. I have a third book I am determined to publish by December and I will use my experience as an educator to privately tutor students.

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  3. I have been struggling since last year, as I have blogged. But I have ways to release that struggle. I concentrate on the day in hand mostly, than ahead.
    I have a couple of neighbours who keep an eye. Especially one neighbour as we get to know one another more. They especially keep eye.
    It was crap at my evening job last week as I blogged and so this week, I will be glad when a break from work again soon.
    I just need to have a break.

    The virus adds to the stress I already had and I wish it would disappear. But I don’t think we will have our normality back.

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