Seamoss review:

Well, I have heard about sea moss before and I never really knew what people were using sea moss for. But then I got educated on the benefits of sea moss and how it helps your body. I have endometriosis and the pain and cramping are painful. But since I’ve been using the sea moss the pain and cramping have gone away. I’ve also noticed that I’m about to have a better bowel movement and that I a lot more energy. I don’t use sea moss every day and I probably should. But I love it and all it’s benefits. If you are interested in trying sea moss here is the Instagram page that I get my sea moss from. I didn’t buy this from someone I didn’t know. I know the person who makes and sells the sea moss. Trust me I’m not that brave to buy something like this from someone I don’t know. The Instagram page is If you have tried it let me know what you think.

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7 thoughts on “Seamoss review:

  1. I learned about seamoss when was married to my husband from St. Vincent. It is not easy to make, but I learned and it’s was wonderful and delicious to drink once I Mastered how to make it.😊

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