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It amazes me how people say that they love my blog and how honest I am. But in the next breath, they say that they could never be that honest in their blogs. So it got me to thinking if your not honest in your blogs then what are you? Do you lie about what you feel or just type something light and airy? I’m honest because I wish I knew a lot of the things that I blog about better. I wish someone would talk more about what I talk about. I wish changing your lives was just as important to you as it is to me. I don’t want to continue to be the same person year after year. I want to do better, love more, and grow. I get that being vulnerable isn’t for everyone and I get that some things are tough to talk about. But please don’t make me feel like I should tone down my blog because I’m too honest for you. We all need to be honest with ourselves every day. Hope this is honest enough for you.

10 thoughts on “Honest:

  1. You’re not alone. Writing is a form of expression. For me it’s a way to release because I have nobody to talk to about these things. Whoever writes just to write shouldn’t even be writing. And change is hard… you have to retrain your mind to think totally different than what you were taught and taught yourself. But keep going girl you got this.

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  2. I appreciate your honesty very much! I love your realness and your confidence of not be afraid to be you. I love your blog because you talk about real life subjects that we all face. If we can share parts of ourselves, it helps us and it helps others!

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  3. Honesty is always best!😊 There are a lot of readers out there reading your posts that are probably struggling in the same areas but are afraid to speak out. Your posts can help them move from fear knowing they aren’t alone in their struggles. Father God says in His word, “we are living epistles read and known by men.” Another way of saying we are transparent individuals!😊👣 Keep writing!

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  4. Being vulnerable before others is what brings healing in those that relate to what has been shared in writing. Hiding in a shell marred by false authenticity never helped anyone. Being vulnerable is a skill well mastered by those who understand that the best fruits come from seeds that were sown in the dirt. The things that we want to hide from others lest they judge us are the very things that carry the potential for richer lessons for another person. Once we learn that what happens to us is not just about us but also for others, we’re on a journey to changing the world, but one cannot do that unless they are honest about themselves and share the lessons. Keep going girl. I love your writing. That’s my kind. I believe your honesty is where the real stuff is.

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