Relationship: Part 4

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Any type of relationship is hard. But the hardest relationships are the ones where you are verbal, mental, and physical abuse. My first experience with abuse started when I was in high school. It wasn’t pleasant at all. I endure so much with my then-boyfriend. I had never been hit or talked to the way that I had. For me, the emotional abuse was worse than the physical abuse. No abuse is okay. And when you have endured years of abuse from people it’s hard to leave a situation that isn’t safe or okay. But I’m more aware of the signs and what to and not to deal with. We all endure some type of abuse in our lives. But we don’t have to continue to take that abuse. If you are being abused they say to tell someone. But that’s hard at times. This is one relationship no one should ever have to endure.

5 thoughts on “Relationship: Part 4

  1. Yes, as much as no abuse is acceptable and shouldn’t happen, the emotional abuse is the worst. And yes it’s hard to tell someone.
    My first relationship was mainly emotional abuse. But I did not see that, until I left him. I left him because of him creating debt and wasn’t changing his ways to pay back as he made out he would. He also raped meone time and that was the last time he was to touch me. I didn’t stay after the rape.

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