Relationships: Part 2

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I often felt like friendships were so unbreakable and genuine when I was younger. But I was wrong. I learned that some of the friendships that I had were based on who I knew, who I was dating, and what I had. There were two friendships that I had been warned about but I felt that the people who were warning me were wrong. Even though my gut was telling me that they were right. I brought these two into my lives and shared things with them that I wish I could take back. They didn’t intend for our friendship to grow they intended to destroy me and take my then-boyfriend. This was crazy I’m a high school student and you want my boyfriend. So you make it seem like you are friends with me and you make your way into my inner circle trying to gain access to me for what a boy??? This was my first trial of friendships. It came to an end when they tried to fight me over him. That is when I truly knew that they meant me harm. My first mistake was not trusting the people who told me about them and my second mistake was not trusting my gut. To be honest those are relationships that I wish I had never had. They taught me a huge lesson about trusting people and who I give the title of friend to. I have learned that friendship comes with levels. There are the acquaintances and the friend and then the best friend. I don’t tell everyone everything anymore. I learned some huge lessons in high school. But even when I got older I had to learn some even harder lessons with adults that I trusted. Don’t tell everything to everyone. Some friendships I wish I could go back in time and redo or not even have. Lessons are always learned the hard way.

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