Relationships: Part 1

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I wish that I could go back in time and redo some of my relationships. This week I’m going to talk to you about relationships that I wish that I could redo. The first one is the relationship that I have with my in-laws/outlaws. More so my mother-in-law. We never got off to a good start. Before I was even dating my husband while on the phone with him she said some really mean things about me and he defended my honor. I wish I could say that after that everything was smooth sailing but it wasn’t. She never apologized until years later for what she said. She has always dislike me because she didn’t get to chose who her son would marry. The woman that I am she would have never chosen for him. For one I’m not a Louisiana native. Two I’m older than him and three I had kids. But more importantly, I have her son back and I make him happy. I’m not lazy by no means. I work, cook, clean, and support my husband. While I was there I rarely saw my mother-in-law cook or clean. She was always negative to both my husband and her own husband. As far as I knew she had no friends. She was mean in how she talked to people. But at the end of the day, I wish that I wouldn’t have let her get to me and take me out of my character. There were many times when I blamed my husband for how his parents treated me and that wasn’t fair. I wish that I would have not taken things so personally and spoke up for myself more. To be honest this is one relationship that I don’t care to have. I at this moment don’t talk to my in-laws. I want my husband to continue to have a relationship with his parents. It’s different for them now because of how they treat me. Some relationships are not worth keeping and this is one of them.

7 thoughts on “Relationships: Part 1

  1. Relationships especially familial ones are so tricky. It’s good to define boundaries and to retreat from toxic relationships that only bring negativity to your life.

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  2. I think you’ve hit on points that will resonate with many. It’s tough when someone is in the middle…like your husband. Your relationship sounds strong and solid. Which is great. You’ve definitely got me thinking. Thanks for that. Keep writing your truth. It sets you free.

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  3. I hear you. Letting go of these types of relationships have been hard for me because I was raised to believe I had to have them. How could I love my husband but not be cool with my MIL or BIL? The truth is, as I’ve learned repeatedly, they are not required relationships, especially if they bring negative emotions.

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