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While on my journey to better me. I have enjoyed walking. I’ve been walking with my husband for the past two months or more. But I have started walking up and down my stairs of our apartment. And something about that pain and pleasure. Sounds weird right. But the more it burns walking up and down those stairs the more that I know how much I can take. I didn’t realize how strong I was until walking those stairs. No matter what I have been through or what I’m going through I will be okay because I’m stronger than I truly realize. What a crazy revelation walking some stairs. It’s the little things that are bringing me so much joy. I walk my stairs in the morning and then in the evening walk with my husband. Even though life isn’t what it use to be doesn’t mean that I have to be what I use to be either. Change is hard but it’s so necessary to. If you never do anything that brings you pain then you never know how strong you can be.

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