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I did something yesterday that I thought I wouldn’t do for a long time. I called my dad. I felt like there were somethings that I needed to get off my chest. But I wasn’t able to because he had company. It was a weird conversation and I wish I was able to say what I needed to say. I forgave him but I don’t know how much I want to talk to him. People always make time for who they want to make time for. And it doesn’t seem like I’m on that list of making time for. Like I said on a journey to do better and be better. I’m wanting my life to be about people who care about me. I’m not saying that he doesn’t care about me but action speaks louder than words. I took my step and I’m okay with whatever comes next.

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  1. Yes, it hurts when people we love seem to be caring about other people more. It really hurts. Personally I always want to be at peace with everyone, even those that hurt me because life is short, we are all humans and sometimes even without realizing we hurt others too. I say this because in Sep 2017 I lost both my precious parents in a terrible accident. It was sudden, it was shocking, it was traumatic…. That trauma and shock has changed my life and I haven’t been the same since. Everyday tears come to my eyes and I carry grief and pain in my heart because I miss them so much. They were too young to go…mum 62, dad 63. Having said that, we don’t really want to let go even if they reach 100 yrs :(. Despite the trauma, sadness and heartache, I was at peace because I had no grudges against them even though sometimes through life we have had our differences. The love I had for them surpassed all and any other feeling. I always try my best to be at peace with everyone because ever since I lost my precious parents suddenly I realised that life is so short and we are just like shadows. And should someone we know suddenly pass away or be diagnosed with a terminal illness… the biggest regret to have is that we were not at peace with each other xx

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